Buyin Scenario’s

It’s funny how you get something good out of knowing an extra language..

So the first scenario happens when i went to the old market *souq* for some work to do, it’s one of my habbits while i’m roaming around to get some stuff for my ownself, i just keep on buying whatever i think it’s nice that i can use anytime, anywhere, so i passed by an indian guy, i was wearing formal had a tie on & started talking in english with that seller who has belts and some other stuff to sell out..

I’ve chosen a belt, asked him about the price he told me 75 dirhams, a bit expensive but i had to bargain, usually in the old souq the price of the seller goes even higher than tripple the original price!

So i told him 15 dirhams and he went down with me to 20 now ut obviously tells what quality this waist belt is, but i had to continue with him, i told him 20 dirhams, but he insisted on 25

So i went, left him, he didn’t even call me back, just to make me feel that i’ve lost it !

This happened 3 weeks ago, the second scenario which happened yesterday i went to the exact same place, with the exact same time, but this time i had my beard on & i directly started speaking with him in Urdu the basic indian language, i’m fluent with it like it’s my mother tongue language but i don’t have the indian looks, so they think i’m either iranian or pathan..

So i asked the exact same guy how muh is this belt in urdu, it was the exact same belt he told me it’s for 20 dirhams, i told him how about 10?

He just got it out and kept it over my waist, now that was amazing isn’t it ?

Buying a belt 7 times less than it’s original price!

I just consider myself pretty lucky just for knowing an extra language!


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