Convert to Islam on Friday

Today is a special day for me..

I usually occassionally listen to islamic scholars & try to learn from them as much as i can about my religion..

I have a very big faith in my religion that i try my best to do whatever it tells me to do, & whenever i do something wrong or against the teachings, though it might not show infront of the people who are infront of me, but deeply from inside it hurts me a lot.

So i started to improve myself so i would only give my religion the respect it should get from me.

I sometimes go late for Juma’a prayers *friday prayers*

And sometimes i go before everybody amd stay at the first line.

Today though i was awake, it just took me sometime until i take a bath, put my perfume on & go to the masjid.

So i went to the masjid late that i managed to follow up with the people who were praying outside the masjid, as the masjid was pretty full of people praying in there.

So i prayed outside, where next to me there wss that guy having a seat at the side while we were praying.

I saw him just watching us doing the prayers, so i didn’t want to leave that chance, as i’ve heard from a lecture lately, asking us muslims, what have we did to islam ? When we go tomorrow in our grave, so this was killing me, as i had to do something in my life, to keep my footprint with something to please god before i die!

Back to the prayers at the masjid, we finished praying, i directly went & sat with the christian guy, asked him about why he’s sitting over here alone next to the masjid, he told me his brothers are praying inside, i asked him why didn’t he pray with us since his brothers are inside, he told me he’s christian, so i took the chance & started to explain about islam for him, he was kinda excited, i told him that we worship only one god, not two, seems that he was kind of convinced of it, i asked him why didn’t you convert to islam until now ?

He said i’m thinking about it, i told him since it’s clear for you, you don’t even nees to think about it!

You must convert now!

And i directly took the chancr & let him say the Shahada, * Ash.hadu Anna La elaha ella allah, wa Ash.hadu, Anna Muhammadan  Rasoulo Allah*

Translation into english says: I fortify that there is only one god & i fortify that his messenger is muhammed.

And that’s it, he entered to islam!

I never knew that it’s that easy for people to join islam, no complications, just say the shahada & you’re in.

Luckily there was an islamic centre in the neighborhood, so i directly took him there, i met his brother on the wayb& asked him why didn’t he himself lead him to islam, he told me he wanted it to come from his heart.

I had to agree with him, but sometimes, it just needs a small little push, it will help a lot

Welcome to islam brother Abu Baker =)

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