Pregnant Ladies

So this is my first post, i don’t want to be late, as i’ve been trying to have a blog like very long time ago, just to shoot out what i have in my chest!

Starting with today’s story..

Ladies what’s wrong with you ? Why are you shy ?

A lady enters to me, tells me that she wants something for *her friend* to get her period out, because her period is stuck for sometime..
Allright, so i get the medicine, start explaining to her about how to use it, then she asks for the price, i tell her it costs around 24 dirhams, great, now what’s next?

At the last point when she gave me the money so i can give her the change, she asks me the most creative & amazing question ever *Does it also work for getting the baby out of the stomach* ? I was like ? Do you mean that your friend is pregnant ?

She says yeah for maybe around a month or so, i told her Ofcourse Not! That won’t be fine for a pregnant lady, as a matter of fact, it won’t totally effect her or give her any positive results, on the other hand it might also give her some bad results too, as it won’t do anything.

As a Pharmacist, such cases are kinda very common with us, so ladies, please i beg you, i totally know that it’s you who is *pregnant* & i totally know that it’s not your friend who is having all of this trouble, even if you tried to cover the whole story, you just can’t, so just say it’s you, because no one simply sends his friend to tell the Pharmacist that she’s pregnant ..

That’s as a quick start with my *Pregnancy Experience* story..

Pregnant Ladies

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